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3 ways to stay away from the COVID-19 pandemic
22 Apr, 2020

3 ways to stay away from the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact all over Australia. Till now, more than 6500 people across the country are affected by this deadly virus. People are already placed under lockdown to maintain social distance. Schools, colleges, offices, restaurants and shopping malls are completely shut down and tourist spots like beaches, museums, galleries are totally restricted due to this COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time to stay at home and safe to fight against this deadly virus and support our front liners. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are struggling to save our beautiful world and mankind. This blog will show how to stay safe at home in this crisis.
Social distancing: Social distancing is one of the biggest weapons to fight against the Novel Coronavirus. Definitely, it is tough for people to maintain to stay away from others but to save the entire society, social distancing should be properly maintained. Otherwise, this situation cannot be normalized.
Frequently sanitize & wash your hands: Sanitizing & cleaning are the most important parts of our life. They help to keep the virus & germs away from us and our family. So, frequently cleaning & sanitizing your hands is extremely necessary. Apart from that, cleaning the handkerchief & towel is also very important.
Clean the property: Nowadays, not only staying at home is necessary but house cleaning is also very important equally. All you need to do is vacuum your carpet regularly, mop the floor & walls with, deeply clean the upholstery fabrics, etc. House cleaning makes a fresh room environment.
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We know people are facing lots of problems due to lockdown & social distancing. In this situation, many people, like employees, students, and other professionals are working from home to continue their businesses and studies. "We are open for those who are still working from home to continue their workflow & productivity" Joseph Loncaric, CEO of Toner Experts  said. To do any kind of official work, a printer is highly important. It helps to make a hardcopy of any official document. So, as the leading online printer cartridge supplier in NSW, we are still taking orders for all types of printer models. We are open 24/7 and we also offer the fastest delivery at your doorstep. Get 100% genuine toner & ink cartridges at the best price. We offer premium quality products every time. 
Your little awareness can stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Always stay at home, keep yourself properly clean, follow the rules of Government regarding the Coronavirus, and maintain the social distance. In case you get any printer cartridges issue, call us anytime.

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