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How To Store Printer Ink Cartridges When They Are Not Being Used?
01 Feb, 2024

How To Store Printer Ink Cartridges When They Are Not Being Used?

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A lot of tips and tricks come into effect at the time of printing, but you should be aware of the rules to make the best use of printer ink and preserve it for potential future use. What is worse is reaching out for an ink cartridge refill only to find it is no longer working. So, it's imperative to follow the recommended printer ink storage instructions.

Maybe you are using a Brother, Epson, HP or Samsun printers – we have created a short, yet useful guide that you can follow to ensure the ink cartridges are properly stored to ensure optimal performance.

Here are the top tips to preserve printer ink for the best:

1. Always Store Printer Ink Cartridges In An Upright Position

When an ink cartridge is leaking, then it's rather unusable. Better to be safe than sorry at the time of using it. Put the ink cartridges in an upright position. This is the best way to prevent leakages and mess. Leaking inks is the worst mess you would want to deal with. Hence, this is the small step you can take to avoid such chances.

You have to be more cautious for the cartridges containing more than one colour since leaving it upside down or on its side is likely to cause leaks and colour mix.

2.  Store the Printer Ink Cartridges in A Cool, Dry and Dark Place

A cool, dry place absolutely away from the sunlight is the best environment for storing ink cartridges. After opening a cartridge, you can use it for up to 6 months in the right conditions. For the completely new ones, you can think of storing them for 2 years. In warm environments, ink is likely to dry out or bubble which is likely to cause leaks. Later you will have to deal with printing issues. So, look for a spot in a drawer, cabinet or cupboard where you can safely store printer ink cartridges.

3. Make Sure the Packaging is Sealed

Maybe you don't have to use the printer ink cartridge right away – then leave it in the original packaging which is generally a plastic sleeve. With this protective cover, the ink cartridge will be less exposed to the air and thus be safe from drying out quickly.

Moisture is a must for the printer ink to work. Make sure to use another plastic bag if you are not having the plastic sleeve anymore. If you are using another plastic bag, then make sure to wrap it up securely using an elastic band.

Failing to preserve properly will cause the unused printer ink cartridges to dry up sooner. Stocking up on extra printer ink cartridges means you have to find a cool, dark spot to keep it safe and in the upright position. After installing the printer ink cartridges in your printer, make sure to print at least once a week for the best performance. Use them and they will be more primed. Remember not to stock excessive printer ink cartridges – you might not know what could happen over time. Fresh printer ink cartridges will always render the best results. 

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