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6 Types Of Ink And Toner Cartridges
22 Nov, 2018

6 Types Of Ink And Toner Cartridges

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While buying printer ink cartridges, you need to consider certain things, so that you can get the most out of money and can buy the correct print cartridge according to your needs. It is always recommended to use the printer manufacturer’s own ink cartridges, you will experience fewer compatibility issues and will suffer from poor quality printouts. You will find several printers that support various types of cartridges. They are- 
  • Single Colour Cartridge
Some of the best printer manufacturers of the world use the CMYK scale. A single colour ink cartridge uses four tones of colours - yellow, cyan, magenta and black and produces a full-colour spectrum. This type of single colour cartridge is hugely beneficial since they lessen the consumable wastes, thus makes the ink cartridge more affordable. In this case, if the solo cartridge runs out of ink, there is nothing to worry, no ink will be wasted.
  • Block Colour Cartridges
You can find certain printers that support block cartridges, they have the capacity to hold two cartridges- one pace is being reserved for the black ink, while other space is reserved for the cyan, magenta or yellow. In case, any of the cartridges between the two run out of ink, you do not need to panic, just replace the empty one. Moreover, black printer ink cartridges can be more effective for homeowners, since colour prints are generally not required at home. So, one can install only the black ink cartridges and leave the other space blank.
  • Solid Ink
If you are an owner of a solid ink printer then you must know about the ink cartridge, it melts within these devices, so here the printing quality gets more detailed. All these cartridges are more eco-friendly and also takes relatively lesser storage space.
  • Toner Cartridges
Toner cartridges are one of the most important components of the laser printers, and it works along with the drum unit. These kinds of cartridges contain the colouring agents and the toner powder, it projects the image onto the drum and prints on the paper.
  • Toner Value Packs
You can use a combination of colour packs wisely that can save you a lot of money. Users those who need colour printing can be benefited from the value packs if they use all of them wisely and follow the guideline to keep the toner at its best.
  • XL cartridges
XL cartridges are considered to be the most versatile printing models, the model will let you the print number of pages. If you print a lot, then you should install the XL cartridge. You can save a lot of money.
These are the types of cartridges found in the market. You can find several printer ink cartridge sellers here in Sydney, choose the one which will serve your purpose.

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