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7 Sustainable Printing Tips To Follow To Save Printer Ink and Toner
15 Sep, 2023

7 Sustainable Printing Tips To Follow To Save Printer Ink and Toner

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We are living in times where sustainability is ruling people's minds and thoughts. The printing industry even considers sustainability. The evolving technology has enabled less use of paper compared to the past. Nevertheless, for sustainable printing practices, a list of techniques and steps can be employed.

For instance, deciding whether a particular document should be printed or not is crucial before hitting the Print button. This is a way to cut down on unnecessary paper waste. The environment benefits from the least paper waste, which further lowers the carbon footprint.

Let us check out a few sustainable printing tips for implementing to come up with stronger ethical printing decisions.

What Does Sustainable Printing Mean?

Sustainable printing is the approach aimed at minimizing adverse environmental impacts. Herein, eco-friendly materials and techniques, like recycled paper, energy-saving technology, and vegetable-based printer inks are used to lower waste production. This printing type is often referred to as Green Printing. Businesses benefit from Green Printing, starting with cost savings to lowered environmental impacts.

The Sustainable Printing Practices to Follow

Herein we come with the core of today's topic for discussion.

1. Go For the Eco-Friendly Inks and Toners

Both the printer and what is entered into them are to be considered. Not all inks are toner are created equal for when the environmental impact is the concern. So, the environment-friendly printer inks and printer toners are ideal for green printing practices.  

Refillable printer ink is another option. Apart from going in for ink tank replacement after all the ink has been used, refilling the existing tank with bottled ink is a  good step that lowers waste and is even an eco-friendly printer ink choice.

2. Appropriate Disposal of Printing Wastes

After the printed product is finished, or the printer cartridges are already empty, then the waste should be correctly disposed of. How much possible, recycling attempts should be adopted. Say, the no-longer-needed printed pages can be used as scrap paper, without directly throwing them into the bin. There is even an option to recycle toner cartridges or ink cartridges.

3. Utilizing Recycled Paper

Printing on recycled paper is the most efficient and simplest printing method. 100% recycled papers are now available to encourage sustainability in printing choices. With the recycled paper being used for printing needs, the amount of trees needed to hack for paper production can be saved.

4. Limiting The Paper Usage

Using less paper for printing is yet another effective way to be more sustainable while printing. Decide confidently whether a document should be printed or whether are there some other alternatives to spread the same message across, like sending emails or chat sessions. Apart from printing a portfolio, a website can be created to display the works. A digital CV could suffice instead of a hard copy. Small changes such as these, contribute to reducing paper waste in homes and offices, thus signifying the sustainable printing practice.

5. Choose Double-Sided Printing

Duplex printing or double-sided printing is both a positive for the environment and even reduces printing costs. Most modern-day printers have automatic duplex printing options, so double-sided printing is now easier.

6. Selecting An Ethical Printer

The printers designed for sustainable printing practices are eco-friendly printers containing features like automotive duplex printing and power-saving mode. You can compare the printing brands to determine the most ethical one for your needs. Check the environment report and how committed the company is to animal welfare.

7. Selling, Donating, or Recycling the Unwanted Printers

After upgrading the printer to a newer model to suit the printing needs better, the old, yet still working printer becomes a waste object. But by selling or donating it, the working printer can be saved from being turned into waste. Someone else might get an affordable option to acquire a printer at a lower cost or for free. A broken machine can be recycled. There are companies providing e-waste recycling services by collecting the machines. Even, multiple printers can be disposed of, for which companies are collecting and recycling large e-waste quantities.

In short, green printing is just great for the planet. Sustainable choices spark the implementative green printing methods, that help in saving money and resources. Simple steps like double-sided printing are great for reducing the amount of paper both at home and office. Now there are printers with an automatic duplex printing option that saves the need to manually flip the paper over. To give back to the Earth, these discussed green printing tips should be incorporated into printing habits. 

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