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Everything To Be Kept in Mind About Solvent-Based Ink
08 Nov, 2022

Everything To Be Kept in Mind About Solvent-Based Ink

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Multi-media printing has become the norm of the day, with the demand for top–quality printers increasing along with durable inks. Inks have the main role play to make the printouts long-lasting on different media. So companies are now turning to using solvent inks for money-saving solutions in the long run. So, the demand for high-quality Epson printers using solvent-based inks has gone high.
Now you might think are solvent-based inks, and how are they superior to the other large format printing types. Eco solvent inks for Epson are highly popular owing to their formulating way. Nevertheless, let us explore what solvent-based inks are now being preferred in ink cartridges.
1.What Is Solvent-Based Ink?
Ink dissolved in another substance, like glycol ether esters or glycol esters as well as their derivatives is solvent-based ink. This ink type is categorized by the printing industry on the heat amount needed for drying the solvent once it has been applied in the medium, which is further distinguished as mild and aggressive.
2.What Should Be Said About the Mild Solvent Inks?
The mild solvent is even termed an "Eco-Solvent" that makes use of generous heat amounts due to the slow-drying solvent. Now the printers using eco-solvent ink consist of heaters in plenty to ensure the ink is appropriately drying. Such ink cartridges have been designed for fast printers. The faster the printer is, the more heat will be needed for drying the ink.
The eco-solvent ink suppliers have ink formulation products with typical gamma-butyrolactone or diethylene glycol diethyl ether as their primary solvent. These are the byproducts of petroleum production. Businesses determined to familiarize themselves with Eco-friendly printing are taking up Epson Eco-solvent ink. Epson products are rather odourless and free of volatile organic compounds.
3.What Should You Look For In Eco Solvent or Mild Solvent Inks?
Generally, price is the determining factor for choosing a particular ink. At the same time, go in for the Eco-solvent inks which are free from gamma-butyrolactone, but comply with EN71-3 and Prop 65. These qualifications necessitate the safety of the product.
4.What Should be Mentioned About the Aggressive Solvent Inks?
Since the formulated solvent dries fast, so aggressive solvent ink needs minimal heat. Thus, the output becomes highly resistant to the sun's heat. Hence, this ink type is largely used to produce outdoor media that should be weather-and-scratch-resistant.The solvent in these inks makes the pigment or the colour in liquid form before they are applied. When applied, the liquid evaporates.
5.Safety Precautions To be Careful of
Eco solvent inks for Epson are being used for multiple applications in the printing field. While determining the ink to use, take care of safety, aggressive and mild. Read the ink’s safety data sheet to know how should you use the data sheet, handle the ink, dispose of the ink and clean it off. You shall even learn about the long-term and short-term effects of being exposed to the solvent.
Are you still wondering whether you should use Eco solvent ink or not? Take a break. Start using this ink from Epson and contribute to the environment. The print quality will never ditch you. Even the price is by your side. Saying yes to Eco solvent ink will indeed make you cheer for yourself. 

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