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How Do A Regular and An XL Canon Inkjet Cartridge Differ From Each Other?
13 Nov, 2023

How Do A Regular and An XL Canon Inkjet Cartridge Differ From Each Other?

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There are a number of things to take into account when purchasing Canon printer ink for your Canon printer. One of the variables is the kind of ink you require. Canon Inkjet cartridges come in two varieties: the usual, standard version and the extra-large version. The standard cartridge delivers factory printers, whilst the XL cartridge produces 100% more than the standard.


The ink number and other crucial details, such as the colour and maximum page output, are listed on the Canon normal ink cartridge. Depending on the model number, that can be anywhere from 150 to 200 pages for the majority of Canon printers.


Compared to purchasing two standard packages, the Canon XL ink cartridge may be less expensive and contain twice as much ink. You can find out that the XL will typically print 300–420 pages for the majority of Canon printers by checking the cartridge package.

The prime difference between Canon XL and Regular Ink cartridges is the amount of Canon printer ink used in each cartridge. Standard ink cartridges are less expensive and, hence contain less ink compared to XL cartridges. Canon XL toner cartridges contain a lot more Canon printer ink, hence is able to print many more pages at a greater value per page. However, there are more than the Canon inkjet cartridges, they diverge in terms of:

· Price:

A standard cartridge is less expensive than an XL Canon inkjet cartridge, which is the first distinction between the two. Because XL cartridges cost 30% more than standard cartridges, it is hard to find them in most retailers.

Because of its effectiveness, XL cartridges are primarily used in professional settings. Over time, they are cost-effective due to their longevity.

· Production and Efficiency:

The XL ink performs and is of higher quality than ordinary ink, despite its price. It can print twice as many pages as standard ink could. The yield can be examined in the ink pamphlet.

Because the XL Canon inkjet cartridges contain more significant sponge foam than ordinary cartridges, they have a larger yield.

· Capacity:

There are twice as many ink refills available for the Canon XL inkjet cartridge than for the standard one. Consequently, it is less expensive than purchasing two standard ink cartridges.

Consider what you plan to use the printer for before choosing the best kind of cartridge for it: is it for personal or professional use? What size printer do you have? Making the right decision will be easier if you comprehend this.

It's crucial to confirm that the XL and normal inkjet cartridge types are compatible with your printer. When you insert an XL cartridge into a printer that doesn't support it, the printer will frequently jam the cartridge, wasting the remaining ink. It may potentially harm your printer in certain circumstances. 

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