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How Should You Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge Properly?
17 Feb, 2022

How Should You Take Care of Your Ink Cartridge Properly?

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Safe installation, proper handling and good maintenance of ink cartridges are directly related to keeping the printer in its health while saving on money. At the time of replacing the cartridges, adopting some simple steps will ultimately make a significant difference that will further result in fine print quality and add to the ink's servitude. Even, annoyances like printer head clogs will be well prevented.
In this discussion, we shall discuss how to handle ink cartridges properly.
1.Pre-Installation  Cartridge Handling
Before installing a new ink cartridge into the printer, you have to inspect it. Shake the ink cartridge gently or tap it on a hard surface for some time for priming the ink. This task should be done before removing the protective tape. Or else, there could be a risk of spilling ink and creating a mess. 
Your next move will be determined by the ink cartridge type to be installed. Several plastics contain a plastic pull-tab covering the vent hole or a plastic clip protecting the cartridge in its packaging stage. Every cartridge might not have a clip or a tab, but if they are having, then these have to be removed before installing the ink.
It is mandatory to be extremely cautious around the gold contact or the connection point on the ink cartridge at the time of installation. All these contact points are much necessary to get accurate readings on ink levels and to make a good connection with the printer. They can develop scratches easily and will cease to work well if covered in ink residue or dust. In case, dust is noticed on this gold chip, then you have to wipe it clean using a lint-free cloth or a Q-tip.  
2.Ink Cartridge Installation
You will have to refer to the instruction manual when you are installing the ink cartridge for the first time. Every printer has its own difference and if the ink cartridge is improperly installed, then the printer and cartridge will be damaged. If you have by chance misplaced the manual, then download the PDF version from the manufacturer's website. Often the popular printer models will be having tutorial videos on the brand website, YouTube and tech-savvy blogs.
During fresh ink installation into your printer, be slow and be careful. Use the power button for turning the printer to prevent the installed cartridges from drying out.  As a result, the printer head can return to its resting position so the printer is not damaged.
3.Storage and Protection
In your business, a lot of printing could be necessary and by high chance, you will want to keep some ink cartridges in reserve. It is easy to store the cartridges, till you have followed the basic rules. In the first place, keep all the cartridges sealed in their packaging. If they are removed from the airtight packaging how they were shipped, then they might dry out.  Your cartridge's nozzle could rust over and ink will drip out of the chamber. So, the cartridge must be stored in the dark and relatively cool spot, like a cabinet or a closet, till they are to be installed and used. 
You might have opened a cartridge, but reseal it for keeping up to its best condition till it is to be used. Place the nozzle side up in an airtight container, and reapply the protective tape or clip before storage.  For preventing the ink from drying out, you will have to place the damp paper towel next to the ink cartridge in the container and keep it stored in a cool, dark place. Periodically check on the cartridge to ensure the paper has not dried out. 
An ink cartridge has a high chance of drying out, so it is a must to handle them properly. Starting with installation, storage and handling - you should be careful so as to prevent wastage and maximise fruitful usage, Ultimately, you save on money since there is no need to invest in excessive ink cartridges. 

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