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How To Improve The Functionality Of a Printer?
12 Mar, 2020

How To Improve The Functionality Of a Printer?

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A printer is one of the most essential devices in our daily life. It makes our works easier and smoother. However, a printer may stop working properly if it goes out of care. A printer always needs some special attentions. It should be checked regularly before using. There are many ways to improve the functionality of a printer. Some of them are given below.
Use the printer regularly
One of the most common mistakes people usually make is to leave their printers for a long time. As a result, the cartridge of the printer starts drying up. After a certain period of time, the printer ink will be dried up completely. To avoid this common mistake, it’s essential to use the printer on a regular basis. It keeps the functionality of a printer smoother.
Buy right genuine cartridges
There are two types of printer cartridges mostly available in the market. They include original or OEM cartridge and local cartridge. Remanufactured or refilled cartridges are also available. Local and refilled cartridges are quite cheaper than OEM cartridges but the quality matters. The print quality of local and refilled cartridges are not good. They do not ideal for long-lasting use. So, to improve the print quality as well as functionality, buying genuine cartridges is essential. In NSW, you can purchase genuine printer cartridge from an online printer ink supplier.
Clean the print head
Once a week, spend a couple of minutes taking care of a printer head. As a printer owner, all you need to do is that, take out the printer cartridge first & then clean your printer head with a soft duster. Always remember, no need to use nail polish remover, wet tissues or alcohol for cleaning. They can damage your printer head. After cleaning, you need to fit the cartridge properly and carefully.
Take care of the inside 
A printer consists of a number of components, ranging from a cartridge to paper trays, output bins, etc. Generally, people do not bother to clean the internal components of the printers but dust and debris can be trapped there. So, it’s necessary to open the printer and clean inside once a month. Otherwise, trapped dust and debris will damage the functionality of the printer.
Replace the cartridges on time
Last but not the least, don’t neglect to replace the printer cartridges when required. A cartridge has the limited life time. So, as a printer owner, you should never wait until your cartridge completely runs dry before you replace it. 
So, you can extend the life of your printer in these ways. You can also improve print quality. Whether you have an inkjet printer or laser printer, these simple maintenance tips are applicable for all.

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