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How To Recycle Toner And Enhance Sustainability Through Managed Print Service?
13 Jan, 2023

How To Recycle Toner And Enhance Sustainability Through Managed Print Service?

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After realizing the harm plastic is doing to the environment, several businesses in Sydney are working to become more sustainable. Continue reading to find out how a managed print service may reduce your environmental impact by recycling your used toner cartridges.

Consumers are moving away from single-use plastic and choosing alternatives like shampoo bars, wax sandwich wraps, and reusable tubs.


What, Though, Are the Sydney-Based Companies Doing?

Without a question, offices functioning in Sydney can cut back on the amount of plastic that leaks out of their doors. Organizations can identify adjustments that make them more sustainable by conducting an inventory. The proposal, plan and execution to recycle toner cartridges is a surefire way that has been accepted by almost all the commercial spaces in Sydney to succeed in sustainability.

So How Are Toner Cartridges Recycled? By Utilizing A Managed Print Service.

Perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when you consider sustainable printing! However, one of the most environmentally friendly products on the earth is paper since it is easily recyclable and most manufacturers plant trees to offset their emissions.
When the companies use a managed print service, they take care to send out their used toner cartridges and give them a new lease of life when the toner runs out. The toner is cleaned, refilled, tested, and then sent for further use in a completely new condition. Whatever happens, this plastic waste is kept out of the ocean! Thus saving marine life!
Recycled toner is also integrated into your larger print infrastructure by a managed print service. By combining your printers, photocopiers, and scanners into multi-function devices, energy consumption is diligently saved. Even limitations are added to ensure that no unauthorised printing occurs. Toner can be stretched longer than ever before with controlled and minimal use. Then owing to the eliminated scattershot printing technique, the companies in Sydney can operate on all eco-friendly cylinders.
Eco–conscious and eco–awareness are at their zenith in the present day. Recycling is a major part of the eco–friendly technique to save the water bodies and soil from additional depletion. Maybe the inventors of toner cartridges did not propagate the recycling abilities of toner cartridges, but there is no stopping science, technology and evolution. Now, managed print services have come up with the aim to abolish discarding 
empty toner cartridges. In the meanwhile, the used toner cartridges are recycled for the better which results in saving on resources, re-use, and above all preventing dumping and pollution. 

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