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Ink-Efficient Fonts Reducing Printer Ink Consumption
17 Dec, 2020

Ink-Efficient Fonts Reducing Printer Ink Consumption

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As much as is the ongoing trend, now almost every business have turned environment friendly and holds a responsibility towards the environment. If you are among them then it will common for you to follow eco-friendly steps in printing, despite purchasing the printer inks online, while shrinking the outgoing costs simultaneously.
You shall be happy to know that there are a few existing economical fonts that use less toner and printer ink when printing. Let us look into the list of ink-efficient fonts. 
Garamond is named after a French publisher and type designer known by the name Claude Garamond. The Garamond font is elegant and praised for its remarkable feature of low ink consumption. It is smaller in size, and have a tighter typeface compared to the rest. Using the Garamond font helps in saving an equal amount of ink by point size reduction of the related fonts. Times New Roman of 10points will probably seem of the same size as Garamond 12 points. Nevertheless, Garamond is among the solid choice when an ink-efficient font is needed which will be easy to the eyes.
Times New Roman
For an uncountable number of years, Times New Roman has been the choice for newsprint. Since 1931, this typeface has proved its economical acceptance and importance owing to the thin letters. An interesting fact about Times New Roman is it contains serifs, but it still consumes lesser ink compared to the other sans serif fonts. 
Calibri serves as a good substitute to Arial when the target is to save toner and ink. Similar to Arial, this font Calibri is even a sans-serif typeface enabling the readers to read easily. Calibri can be defined as both simple and effective font, and it made its debut with Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista is released. A large population of typesetters and designers prefer to use the Calibri font. 
Although these three are the top choices, yet there are five more ink-efficient inks, which have a lot of contribution to your purchase of printer inks online
Century Gothic
Similar to Calibri, Century Gothic is even the font, which makes reading a real pleasure. It could be that the spacing in Century Gothic is a little wider. Often it could happen that for huge documents when you save on ink, you might have to spend more on additional paper use. The large headings were the reason why the Century Gothic was developed, but it has been found to work much better as a body paragraph as well.
Ryman Eco
Ryman Stationery, the UK office supply giant deserved praise for developing this funky eco-font. Ryman Eco appears to be made of hollow letters and thin lies, and it is admired for using 33% lesser ink compared to the standard fonts. The hollow letters will not be noticed on 12-points or even for the smaller ones since Ryman Eco appears just like a solid font. Event when the font sizes are larger, then looking at the document and reading it becomes much interesting. It is often claimed that Ryman Eco is capable of saving 15 million barrels of oil and 490 million ink cartridges, which in turn reduces 6.5million tons of CO2 emissions.
Ecofont is not only a typeface, regardless of Ecofont Sans being quite fetching, but Ecofont can also be regarded as a lifestyle. Using Ecofont in turn helps in toner and ink consumption by 50%. 
Courier is among the classic typewriter font designed to serve the low ink consumption purpose. The Courier letters are big that renders its easy readability, but since it is a thin one, so it becomes a penny-pinching font. At the same time, Courier retro is really cool to impress your friends and even clients.
Baskerville Old Face
Baskerville Old Faceis said to be a sweet looking font, similar to the prints on Old British library book. First of all, it is highly readable and renders an additional benefit of sipping ink and toner. This font has been found to use 37% less printer ink and toners compared to Arial. It seems that when a document is read in Baskerville Old Face, then it seems like conversing with an old friend.
When a text or design is using less ink, then the final product will be recycled eventually. As a result, your firm need not use greater energy stripping ink from the printed-paper. Equally, when less bleaching is necessary, then fewer harmful chemicals will be released and the environment will incur fewer impacts. 

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