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The Steps to Expand the Life of the Toner Cartridges
14 Jan, 2021

The Steps to Expand the Life of the Toner Cartridges

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If you are looking for the ink and toner saving guidelines, then read the tips shared here and apply the tricks for extending the toner cartridge's life for maximizing the use to render better savings and greater value.
The First Step is You Have To Think Before You Start to Print

>> Proofread the entire project and correct the errors before printing them.

>> Other than printing the hard copies, try to keep them saved in your emails.

>> Change the printing resolution to lowest quality from the highest quality, when quality is not the priority. The lowest quality is sometimes termed as "draft" or "grayscale" - less ink is used by these options. Even when the mode is draft, the quality will be acceptable with the good printer. Keep the best printing reserved for the final copies and the documents to be professionally presented, rather than filing the internal copies.

The Second Step is Smart Inventory Management
Be careful not to overstock the supplies. Often the stockpile of supplies is not used and so they are dried up because of long-term storage. Following the supply reorder strategy effectively will eliminate this issue and save your money.

The Third Step is Storage and Installation
Your way of handling and storing the cartridges impacts the long lastingness of the toner cartridges. You need to store and install the toner cartridges for preventing clumping, and avoiding the service codes and copy quality issues.
The toner cartridges must be stored at room temperature between 50°F to 77°F in dry areas free from excessive heat and direct sunlight where the pests will not disturb them. The ink and toner cartridges must be sealed in the packaging itself until you have decided to use them. If an opened printer cartridge is not used, then the shelf life will be reduced by more than half.
The toner cartridges for transport should be stored in a horizontal position and never stored vertically. At the time of installing a toner cartridge into the machine, following the correct steps for preparing the cartridge is essential. Toner cartridges are of different designs which are used and it is on the basis of this factor, their preparing procedure is different. While installing the toner cartridges, they have to be shaken, so that in case, if any setting changes had occurred during shipping is corrected. Shake the toner cartridge at least 5 to 6 times. Do not turn the toner cartridge upside down while shaking.
On the toner cartridge box itself, the steps for preparing each toner cartridge are clearly given. Even the installation instructions are given for each machine.
Toner Cartridge Uses and Maintenance
When the printer is no more in use, turn it off. When the printer is shut off using its "off" button helps the cartridges from preventing from getting dried or clogged by debris and dirt. Only the suggested paper type should be used, as well as the least absorbent papers. Thicker papers other than the ones the printer suggests should be kept out. If the wrong printer paper kinds are used, then jams are for sure, and more ink will be used up.
Regularly cleaning the printers by dusting their exteriors at least once a week will prevent the particles' entry to the chassis' interior. You have to spray compressed air to the crevices after opening the printer so the dust, debris, or hair does not get into the ink cartridges and cause them to gum up.
Extending the life of the printer toner cartridges is possible by following the steps explaining its proper usage. These discussed steps will help you to use the toner cartridges for a long and with much efficiency.

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