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Things You Must Know About Recycling the Printer Cartridges
05 Nov, 2018

Things You Must Know About Recycling the Printer Cartridges

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In the current epoch, people are greatly reliant on the electronic items. Starting from cell phones and ipads to charges and video game consoles- the list is endless! Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to these electronic items when they’re discarded? On an average,  half of  500 million toner and ink cartridges sold each year eventually ends up in the landfill. The good part is that the other half is being recycled these days. 
The e-waste programs are conducted all across the globe these days. The used electronics are recycled and being broken down like never before. Are you interested in buying canon ink cartridges at best rates? Well, prior to focusing on the provider that comes with the products t best deals, you need to comprehend the facts mentioned in the following write-up. 
  • Don’t just toss the used cartridges away
As per studies, used cartridges impose serious health risks. The chemicals that are used to make the toner and printer ink are proven to enhance the possibilities of cancer. We know that billions of cartridges get stuffed in the landfills every year that not just enhances the probabilities of health hazards but also threatens the environment. Hence, recycling them instead of throwing away will slow down the spread of the landfills and enable you to be much healthier. 
  • E-waste programs exist for taking the used ink cartridges
The large companies have varied recycling programs that mostly operate by mail. However, some of them just accept the organization’s brand of cartridges. You can even find the E-Waste drive in your local area by checking the social media feeds or newspaper. The E-Waste events are usually free-of-charge. 
  • Canon is the leader in collecting as well as recycling the ink cartridges 
Canon has collected almost 400,000 tons of cartridges that are used and virtually reuses every component present in the product like copper, iron, plastic and aluminum. The other huge companies like HP, Brother also have programs in place for recycling and collecting the used cartridges. 
If you’re looking for a trusted company for recycling your cartridges, you better research well and choose the one that has years of experience. It is better to look for a company that has a positive reputation for offering commendable services at best prices. 
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