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Tips for getting More Ink Out of Your Cartridge
02 Jul, 2019

Tips for getting More Ink Out of Your Cartridge

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Printer ink is quite costly; it is, in fact, costlier than the printer itself. No matter which OEM printer ink you use – whether it is of Canon cartridges, HP, Epson or any other, with them being so costly, you would definitely want to get even the last drop of it from your cartridge. You would want to do this when you would start getting a warning sign from your printer that it is running very low or it is out of ink. In fact, studies conducted reveal that when the printer starts giving such warning signs, the ink cartridges at that time still holds about 8-45% of ink. So, for tapping out even the last few drops of the Canon ink from the printer cartridge here are a few methods, which you can use. 
Shake it gently
Sometimes you may see that your print looks faded. This doesn't mean you have to change your ink cartridge always. It may mean that the ink has dried up & is clogging up the nozzles. So, rather than thinking that your cartridge is running empty, what you can do is flip the cartridge upside down & shake it gently. 
Clear the cartridge nozzles
You should ensure to keep the cartridge nozzles clear if you want to get the last drop of ink from your toner cartridge. Apply hair dryer process and blow the nozzles with hot air. This would thin out all the ink blockage (if you have any). You can also make use of a paper towel process to clear out any dried ink from the cartridge nozzles. Both these methods would allow the remaining ink to come out quite smoothly. 
Cover your chip sensor
There are a few ink cartridges that have a chip, which typically detects the level of ink in it. This chip often sends warning signs of an empty cartridge too early. And when it sends the message, it sometimes doesn't even allow to print unless the cartridge is being changed. What you can do at this time is to cover your chip sensor by using a dark electrical tape and address the issue. 
It is very important for you to know when the ink cartridge really becomes empty. When it does really, ensure to change it immediately. Printed on a depleted toner cartridge may melt the print head as well as damage the printer. Better have a spare Canon ink cartridge ready with you when your cartridge really becomes empty.

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