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What Are The Differences Between Ink Cartridges & Toner?
10 Apr, 2018

What Are The Differences Between Ink Cartridges & Toner?

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When it comes to printing needs you should always determine the types of cartridges as compatibility matters. If you don't have the knowledge on product compatibility finding one can be really frustrating and time consuming. 
So what are the types of printing supplies?
Basically there are two types of products for your printers. These are ink and toner cartridges. Both of them are installed inside the printer but are not at all interchangeable. Well, to avoid confusion the best option is to consult your needs with a professional supplier who provides the best printer ink cartridges in Sydney.
Why should you determine the basic characteristics of ink and toner?
By understanding the basic features of ink and toner choosing the right product becomes easier. Basically, it is the functionality that makes toner and ink cartridges divergent from each other. Price also plays an important role to differentiate the two. However, it is the printer preference that tells you which one is compatible for the model.
Understanding the differences
One of the major differences between a toner and an ink is: toner is a powder, while ink is a liquid. Both are used to print documents and photos, but the methods are different. Now, to understand this properly you need to take a look at the printer functionality.
Toner cartridges for laser printers
As the toner has a unique role the xerographic printing process matches appropriately with toner. There are two main components of toner, one is iron oxide and the other is plastic resin. The toner is not directly applied on the paper. The laser in the printer creates an electrostatic template of the proposed image on a metal drum that rotates in the printer. The drum is covered with photosensitive material that starts with either a positive or a negative charge.
Ink Cartridges for inkjet printers
The technology of inkjet printer is traditional and also easier to understand. However, the system is not so innovative. The ink which is in the liquid form is locked in an airtight foil compartment along with the cartridge. An inkjet printer has a print head where the cartridges are loaded. It is fitted with a number of microscopic ink nozzles that sprays the ink on the paper.
Whether it's toner or ink, each has its own benefits. You just need to understand your needs which can be simplified through consulting with the experts who provides printer supplies.
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